F. K.

Fuura Kafuka (P.N.)
Class 2-へ, seat no.14
Classroom teacher: Itoshiki Nozomu

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Sssh Sensei, I’m here *paps* Happy birthday!






Silly Sensei, you’re already tall enough! You even grow taller this year!

((author: I guess the real joke is how Kafuka drawn without shadow))

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In the end I couldn’t answer it… sheesh, Sensei!

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((Thank you for the supports and encouragement!

Actually, I’m turning off the ask because I’ve been inactive for a long time and I got too much questions on my inbox right now. I will enable the ask again when I’ve cleared most of the inbox.

I got my hands full with college right now, moreover I tend to overthink how I should answer the questions. Playing “Kafuka” is hard. Love her, though.

I initially made this askblog just to kill times, but apparently it got its fair share of popularity. I am glad to know that there’s many people that love Kafuka and SZS!))

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It feels good to update the askblog again (the askbox still closed though).
Drawing Kafuka with pure black eyes somehow makes her feel more like Kafuka. Of course this has no relation with the manga-end symbolism or whatsoever, don’t be silly.

I look fine enough Ms. Author!

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Once I wanted to be a God, time traveler. or Pororocan Alien.
School was fun. But now, I’m content just by seeing Sensei and everyone happy.

P.S.: Still trying to contact the Pororocan spaceship though!

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Don’t be shy Anon, you’re really sweet!

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本当の私はここにいるよ お願い 気づいてよ・・・


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